Enjoyed your thoughts on the subject of getting over the fear of embarrassment, looking stupid, etc.

I'm well over 60 now, but I remember all those situations and sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to go back and live without the fears that were in my head.

Since there's no going back, I have to admit there may still be a few unfounded fears I'm living with today.

Your article was a good wake-up call.

Our evolutionary biology has us wired to be on the lookout. Since most of us aren't actually at risk of attack by wild animals, we create fear where it isn't warranted.

We need to be conscious of this and put our fears aside.

This doesn't mean we'll all become incredibly successful in life or business.

But, it's certainly going to reduce all the unhealthy stress hormones.

Edward Stanfield

Quora Top Writer, The Ascent,MVP, My Quora Insights, Landing Page Specialist.

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